The Wedding DJ service with a commitment to the LGBT community

“Memory Makers Entertainment”, Lake County, Illinois, is a group of professional DJs who have a proven track record of creating memorable events of Gay and Lesbian Wedding DJ. We are here not just to provide entertainment, but to demonstrate our love and passion to the GLBT community and make their wedding night the most memorable night of their lifetime. We are there to take part in the wedding day celebrations and we provide our best talent and skills to make the event a grand success. We are emotionally attached to the LGBT community and it is a proud privilege for us to perform on the venue of your wedding party and make it a memorable event so that whenever you recollect you will have only sweet and exciting memories about the most important day of your life. Our professional DJs are always friendly as well as helpful to our clients as well as the guests. Throughout the night they are with the crowd dancing with them and selecting songs according to their tastes and preferences. We are always flexible to our clients.

Packed venues, charged audience

Many members of the LGBT community are particular about our DJ service since they are confident that we will make it a perfect event. When we provide the Gay and Lesbian Wedding DJ service, we ensure that for the whole night the venue is packed and all the guests – the young as well as old – are charged with fun and excitement. We ensure a seamless flow of music throughout the night. Our music is so exciting that even the aunts and uncles who are in their eighties get off from their seats and start dancing. Our experienced DJs are truly professional and we assure our clients the best value for the money they spend. Our most advanced equipments make it a professional wedding DJ. Every year we perform for numerous LGBT wedding events in Lake County, Illinois. We listen to our clients, work with them and make it a perfect musical event.

Making the events unique and customized

In gay and lesbian weddings, the traditional styles are seldom followed. The professional DJs of “Memory Makers Entertainment”, Lake County, Illinois, help the clients to organize unique and customized wedding day events. Apart from providing the best and the most exciting entertainment, our Gay and Lesbian Wedding DJ service provides able guidance to the clients so as to make the event a great success in all aspects. When our clients and their guests are happy and excited, we are proud. The professional DJs of our company consider every gay and lesbian wedding event as a unique opportunity to apply their best skills and make their performance still better than the previous one.

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