Engagement Photo Shoots that Pop

An engagement photo shoot is your introduction to the world as a committed couple.  It doesn’t have to be stuffy or cheesy, as it should represent you as a couple.  Lake County Bridal has some very unique and fun ideas for your engagement shoot.

If you already have a photographer hired, you already know that you like their style.  Not to mention, an engagement shoot will get you comfortable in front of the camera, which is great, because on your wedding day, the pictures will be endless!  Your photographer also gets a feel for how comfortable you are and the best angles to shoot you from.

If you are planning on sending out save-the-dates, then you will want to be creative with your pictures.  All of your guests will love getting a little preview of the two of you as a couple, so why not make it memorable?

You can theme your photo shoot from a movie, some of the most popular being The Notebook, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or just a general Disney shoot.  It helps if both of you are on board with the idea or that you both love the movies you are imitating.

With the rise of zombie popularity, some couples are choosing to theme their pictures in this creepy way.  You may need some friends or family around to pose as zombies for some of the pictures so that you and your partner are still recognizable!

Is there a sport or activity that you and your partner just love?  Why not model your pictures after that?  You can do just one sport, like baseball or football, or just a general sports theme.  It is especially easy to put your wedding date on a jersey, which is a very clever idea.

If you are a sentimental couple, have your shoot where you first met.  You can also have pictures done where you first kissed or first said “I love you.”  These pictures will be priceless to you in the future.

For the nostalgic couple, a carnival or circus themed engagement photo shoot is perfect.  Not only are there so many colors and activity around you, it is also just like another date!  It takes you back to the simpler days and makes you reflect on the importance of the one you love.

Finally, there is the patriotic themed pictures.  With so many serving or have served in the military, this can be made especially special.  You can choose to make it vintage or keep it classic.  Either way, it is sure to evoke plenty of emotion!

Possibilities for you as a couple are truly endless.  Only you two know what will work best, so find a fun theme and stick with it!  Lake County Bridal knows many qualified photographers that can cater to your every crazy wish.

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