Church v. Onsite Ceremony

Where you choose to have your wedding can be a tough choice.  Whether you choose a church or a different location, Lake County Bridal can help in the search for the perfect venue.  Keep these things in mind when making your final choice:


•           There may be a church that you have an attachment to.  It could be where your parents got married or where you have attended church for an extended amount of time.  In this case, a church is an easy choice.  As long as you agree as a couple, there should be no issue.

•           Churches know weddings since they are held there often.  They have everything on hand for you to use, and it is very traditional.  Churches can also be gorgeous buildings with stained glass windows and gorgeous features that will look amazing in pictures.

•           Churches often do not charge much for a wedding ceremony, and if you are a member of the church, it may be free or very affordable.

•           Having your wedding onsite can save your guests the trouble of having to travel between the church and reception site.  You can have your ceremony and reception in very close proximity to each other, which is very convenient and leaves more time to party!

•           Depending on the number of guests, some churches may not be able to hold all of your guests.  By the same token, if you have a lot of guests at an onsite venue, you have to make sure there is adequate seating set up.

•           Wedding venues often offer package deals, so that everything is taken care of for you.  They will set-up and take down your decorations, but usually for an extra fee.  It can definitely be worth it, depending on the amount you need done.

•           Both churches and venues can offer up beautiful scenery.  If you definitely want an outdoor wedding, however, then you will have to find a venue to accommodate you and your guests.


There is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a church or an onsite venue.  It all depends on your budget and your tastes as a couple.  With so many options out there, Lake County Bridal can help make the whole process easier.  Remember this is your day, and it should be in a place that you have always imagined.

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