Importance of Attending A Local Bridal Show

When it comes to bridal shows, attending at least one local one is very important.. and Lake County Bridal knows how to host a great one!  Not only do you get to gather all kinds of great details for your big day, but you get to spend it with others who are planning their weddings.  The ideas you can gather are certainly endless and can certainly get you ahead in your tedious planning!

So why should you plan on attending a local bridal show?  Unless you’re an experienced planner, you need some help.  By getting out and into the bridal show experience, you will be able to hone your planning skills along with meeting those who can help you along the way.  It is a great place to meet with planners and vendors in a short amount of time so that you can rule some out right away if they just don’t fit your personality.

For vendors like photographers, bakers, florists, or even entertainers, you can see a sampling of their work life and in action.  If a style doesn’t fit you, you will know right away instead of wasting time making phone calls and visiting websites.

Along the same lines, you can gather business cards, brochures, and even DVDs from vendors that you believe will work for you.  You can share them later with your fiancé to see if he agrees with your vision.

Meeting with these various vendors will give you an idea of how much things are going to cost you and which services you are willing to spend more on.  It will give you a guideline on how much to budget for the whole wedding day.

Perhaps the best part about attending a local bridal show is the social aspect.  You get to spend time with your family and friends (if they are able to go) and bounce ideas off each other.  It is fun to share this special time with all those special to you!  Make a day of it and remember to just keep it light and fun.  You may even make some new friends!

Lake County’s Largest Bridal Fair will be held on January 4th, 2015 from 12:00-3:00p.m. at Midlane Country Club in Wadsworth, Illinois.  The show is hosted by Lake County Bridal and will feature over 70 wedding vendors.  If that isn’t enough to get you to the show, they are offering a free admission with the purchase of the My Wedding Local app.

The My Wedding Local app connects brides with their local vendors and gets the conversation going.  It is a very valuable resource for brides and grooms alike!

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